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Pass Finder

Hack any Facebook password

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Minimum System Requirements:

check Windows 2000; XP; Vista; 7; 8; 10

check 1Ghz, 256Mb RAM, 5Mb free

check Compatible 32 Bits / 64 Bits


star Works on multi-station

star Last update 06.01.2017

star Free update

star Compatible with multiple accounts

star In English


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How to hack a FACEBOOK account?

It is the only application that has the ability to hack any FACEBOOK password account regardless of its simplicity or complexity.

Some ephemeral websites will offer you the same thing. But they are all fake! We have been online since 2008 and you are every day more and more to download our software!

No need to be an expert to use PASSWORD FINDER! Its interface has been specifically designed for purpose of simply providing the password associated with a FACEBOOK account.


This video shows PASSWORD FINDER recovering
the password of a FACEBOOK account.


How does it work?

It's very simple, we made all the hard work for you!

In partnership with leading IT companies, PASSWORD FINDER uses a powerful scheduling algorithm that can decode all FACEBOOK passwords MD5, SHA, PBKDF2 or AES with CBC mode encrypted!

- You download the software on the device you use.
- You follow the instructions given by the program.

Once the software asked you the FACEBOOK account's email address, it will automatically connect, find and hack the password associated with it. After that, it will save the password into a text file.


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    PASSWORD FINDER setup file is FREE.
    Please click on the "Download" button.


    Hack a Facebook account online

    With Password Finder, hack the largest social network over the world and login to any profil. Finally a program that breaks everybody. Simple and effective, this software setup in seconds on a computer and once it's executed, it will access to your need from a given email address. Result 100% guaranteed. Be careful, this should be done on your account. Please respect the laws of your country.

    How to Hack Facebook Account Password?

    How can I get into my kids social network? Are you looking on the search engine for stuff like "how can I hack a Facebook account with an easy software"? To see if they are getting into trouble with bad guy? Can I enter into my husband's private life to see whether he is contacting with his former girlfriend? No matter what the purpose is for you from the others, the first thing you need to face is how to do if you are not so computer geek. Even with all of the advanced programs, algorithms, and techniques computer scientists have come up with, sometimes the most effective way of cracking an user password is by using logic and/or trying commonly used passwords. For many unknowledgeable users, they are more of an annoyance than a security, and therefore they use passwords that can be easily remembered, and thus easily guessed.

    Facebook login
    Facebook login page

    Our software has a high quality and friendly user interface. It was made to bypass locked account within 30 seconds, our easy to use program is guaranteed to work on any protected account you may have! We know it's extremely annoying to have a blocked account on your profile that you are in need of! Download the program and you will never have to worry about again, easy as that! We made this program after seeing hundreds of people struggling to gain access to their account, we hope you enjoy and our hard work on this program means something to you! This decoder enables you to get the password free! Forgot and can't access into the social network? Such thing always happens to many people and this is why the tool exists. Facebook account stores lots of important information and the result is terrible if we really lose all information data. However, many people may think Facebook can help you. Yes, they can help you only when you remember the answer to the secret question and alternative email that you put when setting up account.

    Our application works also on Android phone or tablet. I am sure many people may forget this information as it is long time ago. If so, using our software is the only way to find the password back. Facebook Password Cracker tool opens any case in few seconds.

    Of course you can use the same techniques that use some hackers. It’s what we call fishing webpages. However, in this article, I will show you other techniques that you might develop them afterwards. You can install a keylogger on the victim's PC. This technique consists to install a malicious program loaded in the memory of the computer of the victim and that will recover everything that he types on the keyboard: his Facebook password, his banking information, his email login… A keylogger can be also hardware. A hardware keylogger is a device that can be attached to the computer keyboard, cable, or system block. Using Phishing coupled with DNS Spoofing. Or, you can use a phishing involves making a clone of the Facebook website and hosting it on a server. As soon as a user connects to this interface, you can retrieve his / her login information.

    In order to trap an account, you can send them an email with the link to the fake Facebook login page. This technique has the disadvantage that each victim must click on the link what might seem suspicious to him. In order to avoid having to send a link, you must couple the phishing technique with the DNS spoofing technique that will allow you to redirect a user automatically to your false page. DNS spoofing consists of redirecting users on the network to false addresses. The victim attempts to access You intercept its request and return it to the clone of the Facebook site (Fake site). Situation 3: A sniffer is a program that allows to capture all the packets circulating on a network and which allows to edit their contents. It can capture any information sent across a network, thus displaying both the identity of the users and their passwords and also their Facebook cookies transmitted by any service carrying clear (unencrypted) data, such as Telnet , DNS, SMTP, POP3, FTP and HTTP. Hacking a Facebook account, is not at all an easy thing. Sometimes, you can spend sleepless nights without trying to try all these techniques without any result. But with our software you can hack any password now!

    All these techniques works, but the faster way to hack a Facebook password account is to use our hacking software!

    You should be careful with your Facebook account. Some of users can usurp your identity and claim that you are the fraudulent user. For example, thinking of doing business with you, clients have instead paid money to unscrupulous scammers. For the past years, you are using a Facebook page as a working tool. You wake up a morning, nothing works. You had just lost control. So, what you think is "At first I was angry because I did not have my page. I've been working for years developing a network. I feel that my identity has been stolen". Unbeknownst to you, a swindler has taken possession of your page which presents an attractive offer: "I offer private credit at 3% the annual interest rate." You will have lot of messages, lot of calls from people who ask you if this is true what are written on your page because they want to borrow money. According to the ploy used by scammers, future victims must first make a deposit to be able to borrow. You have to know that this kind of rip-off comes from North Africa. It is known around the world. In a few hours, all your contacts will join you to take out a loan. Some of them will also pay a deposit of $8200USD in exchange for a loan, a sum that obviously was stolen forever. The investigators seized the case in this type of fraud; it is always difficult to assess the number of victims. A new warning about the development of a fake mail scam for helping where the scammer can easily draw money from your friends or business contacts and one more swindles. But what is it? A visitor will discover overnight that all his contacts disappear from his e-mail address book. After trying unsuccessfully to recover them for several days, the observation is clear: he can do nothing and must doing again a new address book. The trap will then appear two or three days later. A victim that "all his friends and contacts who were registered in this famous missing notebook received a message, via an e-mail address very close to his own, and including his first name and his name." Several hundred euros where divert! In the mail, the crook who pretends to be the victim asks for help from his friends, explaining that he is stuck abroad, that he has lost his papers and that he therefore needs Money (several hundred euros). The transfer must be done by good numbered bought in a post office or a tobacco, says the information site. When contacts fall into the trap and pay him money, the perpetrator goes even further by returning another email stating that he has lost the numbered vouchers and that he must be remitted a new sum of money. Obviously, nothing was lost and he recovered as much money as possible. To avoid possible risks, never reply to doubtful e-mails that arrive in your electronic mailbox, even if they appear to come from a serious contact. To be sure, call the correspondent and ask him if he has sent this email.

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    6 - Password Finder only recovers passwords saved in Safari browsers, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.